Bring your most superlative strategies to the table. Deuce's classic 7500 "Special Gammon" Multigame Table offers intrigue through the games of backgammon, cards, checkers, and chess. The backgammon board itself bears Deuce's signature magnetic cursor doubling cube, pear-tree inlays, as well as silver-plated brass checker stop pins. The card table is covered in vegetable-dyed calfskin, available in any color you prefer. Includes a waxed ebony pear-tree chess board and an ebony pear-tree backgammon board, both with custom-color calfskin or pear-tree inlays. Perfectly completed by Deuce's famous vegetable-dyed, custom-color calfskin checkers and flat planar pieces.

Encased in an heirloom-quality cabinet available in either ebony pear-tree or black-lacquer beech. Your choice of card table or chessboard top can be stored on the railing below the table while a game of backgammon is underway. Optional storage for cards and curiosities.

table size: 897 mm x 750 mm x 765 mm
backgammon board size: 660 mm x 660 mm
backgammon checkers size: 45 mm

Multigame Table 7500-SG

Price: $41,990.00

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