A sophisticated player is improved by innovative play. Exalt your skills in multiple arenas with Deuce's dignified 7500 "Special Card" Multigame Table, whether chess, checkers, backgammon, or cards. The backgammon board features a magnetic cursor doubling cube, Deuce's signature accents, and a waxed black pear-tree playing surface with custom-coloured pear tree inlay, offered in an array of colors. Between tournaments, conceal the backgammon set with a posh plate that doubles as a pear-tree chess board, tailored to your tastes. Flip it over and it's a calfskin-covered card table.

Each detail is delicately designed, constructed from custom-color calfskin inlays that have been hand-dyed with vegetable pigment, as well as your choice of stained, filled, or wax-finish beech wood. This set is gorgeous down to the grain. Includes Deuce's iconic flat calfskin chess pieces, checkers, and dice, all cut from the your choice of custom colors. Four removable glass cradles, so your opponents can swallow the bitter pill of defeat without getting up between games. Side drawers store chess pieces and cards.

table size: 750 mm x 750 mm x 765 mm
backgammon board size: 660 mm x 660 mm
backgammon checker size: 45 mm

Multigame Table 7500-SC

Price: $33,990.00

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