A novel idea! This hand-bound leather box, resembling a studious tome, features suede lined "pages" with a contrasting leather "title" panel as its cover. The plot of this novel is a story woven from the same level of luxury you expect from a Geoffrey Parker Bridge game, with specially printed double-sided Bridge score cards, four slender Bridge pencils, and the finest coated Bridge cards manufactured by the famous Piatnik of Vienna.

Available as a two-deck set, a four-deck set, or a Deluxe set that comes with Whist and Rummy. Available in a variety of rich colors, made to order, this book is a prized edition to any game enthusiast's library.

Book box featured has a cherry cover and interior with magnolia "pages." Detail image shows a marine cover with cherry "pages."

Bridge Book Box

Price: $1,206.00 to $1,777.00

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