The durable and visually alluring timber of the oak tree has long been prized for its resilient strength and rippling grain. Oak has been used since the Middle Ages for constructing everything, from rum barrels to the hulls of naval warships, and the master artisans at Neroulia know that oak also makes the sliding of your stones effortless. This set's smooth, vibrant veneer is offset by colorful inlaid wedges, unobtrusive high-finish latches, and a quietly sophisticated logo. Featuring convenient internal holders for game pieces, this set provides you with an uncluttered interior, to match the gorgeously streamlined exterior. Includes a full set of high quality stones, dice, doubling cube, and balls. Competitive streak not included.


25.2" × 18.9" × 1.1"

Oak Tree Backgammon Set with Racks

Price: $745.00

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