DISCONTINUED. In the Victorian era, ornate game cabinets were commonplace. They allowed upper-class men and women of the time to entertain their peers. This classic parlor piece has been updated by the gaming geniuses at Geoffrey Parker, allowing you to invite antiquarian charm into your collection without sacrificing the luxuries of modern game craftsmanship. The sturdy, hand-bound Dauphin calf leather cabinet holds ten essential games, and all of the accessories you require for checkers, chess, backgammon, baby boule, pick-up-sticks, jacks, poker, dominoes, and cribbage, including a full deck of playing cards and three sets of precision dice.The reversible chess and backgammon board lays flush inside, and when the wings of the cabinet swing open on sturdy, silent hinges, they display each set of game pieces within posh suede-lined storage spaces.

Cabinet Compendium

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