Dal Negro

In 1756, in the river-kissed town of Treviso, Italy, an Austrian family built a tiny workshop to produce playing cards. In 1928, the Dal Negro family purchased a small factory to broaden their gaming gamut. Soon their goods included decks, boards, and poker sets, all constructed meticulously with superior materials. As technological advances swept the manufacturing industry, Dal Negro took the helm, producing progressive games that still upheld the detail-oriented, classical traditions attributed to European makers. Dal Negro now stands as a historic pillar of luxury games, as one shuffle, move, or glance will confirm. Whether beneath the ruins of the Maya in Belize or on the patio of your beach house in Bangladesh, Dal Negro is at home anywhere you play.

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Roulette Mat (3)

Roulette Mat by Dal Negro

Black Jack Mat (3)

Black Jack Mat by Dal Negro

Grey Sabot (3)

Grey Sabot by Dal Negro


Professional Roulette Set w/ Mat by Dal Negro

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How does the house win in Roulette?

There are an equal number of red and black spaces but because the 0 space is green, it shifts the odds in favor of the house. Betting red pays 1 to 1 but the odds, because of the 0, are actually 1.111 to 1.

How old is gambling?

Archaeologists have discovered gambling implements in cave drawings as well as in ancient Egypt, China, and Rome. The ancient Greeks believed even the gods gambled.

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