This classic design of Chessmen was created in 1849 by the then World Champion, Howard Staunton, assisted by Nathaniel Cooke, The Morning Herald Chess correspondent & a wood turned from London’s Hatton Garden called John Jaques. The famous Knights’ head was taken from the Horses of the Parthenon within the Elgin Marbels housed in the British Museum. Since then, this famous set as become de-rigueur for all Championship and tournament play — to find chessboards and boxes to match it‘s elegance and standing, this set was the obvious choice for the most famous of all World Championships, the 1972 “Cold War” clash between Russia’s Boris Spassky and the United States‘ Bobby Fischer.

Pieces come in a felt lined leather cabinet, with a single thickness Chessboard.

The pictured sample has a espresso brown cabinet and board frame, and coffee and magnolia checkers. Clock not included.

Chess Cabinet Set in Espresso Brown

Price: $2,830.00

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