Flat but with incredible depth, Deuce has redesigned the game of chess, transforming it into an even more polished display of strategy, intellect, and prestige. With a glassy finish, the elegant board combines with custom-color pear-tree or bone inlays and invites awe. The unique flat planar pieces are crafted from butter-soft calfskin and vegetable-dyed in your choice of colors. Functional and flamboyant, the pieces fit into insets on the board, allowing each move to be sturdy and definitive. Board available in black-stain varnished, waxed pear-tree, or deep ebony, Deuce's board will masterfully complement any checkmate. Measures 400 mm x 400 mm x 30 mm open, and 400 mm x 240 mm x 42 mm closed, while your game remains measured by your intellect under pressure.

Chess Set 4000-FM

Price: $9,790.00

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