Timing is everything, and this trustworthy clock turns seconds into simplicity. Design driven, Chronos' Digital Game Clock is built on a sturdy aluminum chassis, helping you punch out competition at home or while jet-setting. Features exquisite buttons that only respond to a human's touch, reducing player error and requiring only a feather-light caress to start and stop game time; a crystal clear one-inch digital display, so numbers are legible from any angle; and glowing lights to indicate the players' turns. Sensitive, but never delicate, the touch switch is an obvious boon for those with joint conditions or hand injuries, but the advantages for every player are clear, as the button cannot be accidentally started by an errant tile-bag or score-keeping paperwork. This smaller model features a blitz version, proving that tiny can still be mighty. With options to save move-times, generate shuffle-chess positions, and adjust the beeper pitch, you'll be able to customize your experience. These are the only chess clocks available with the capability of displaying 1/10th of a second, and are accurate down to 1/120th of the same, so you'll know precisely how much time you have left before you can stop sweating. Larger, multi-option model is also available, itchy trigger fingers welcome.


  • Available in Black and Original Beige.
  • The "Touch Switch" Advantages:
  • A boon to people with arthritic hands or fingers......
  • The player buttons are activated by a light "feather" touch by your finger.
  • Might also be helpful for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Will come in handy for people recovering from accidents and undergoing hand therapy (like myself, after the horrific car crash a couple of years back).
  • The clock cannot be accidentally started by neighbor's tile-bag or paperwork.
  • The clock still has all the standard advantages of the Chronos.

Chronos Touch Chess Clock SM

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