Timing is everything, and this trustworthy clock turns seconds into simplicity. Design driven, Chronos' Digital Game Clock is built on a sturdy aluminum chassis, helping you punch out competition at home or while jet-setting. Featuring a push-button that can be activated by the slam of a palm or a pawn, this classic style of chess clock, with popular blitz option, has long been an indispensable tool for proper game management. A crystal clear one-inch digital display allows numbers to be read from any angle; and glowing lights to indicate the players' turns. This large-sized model features 8 tournament chess modes, 4 Blitz Chess Modes, 2 Tournament GO modes, and 12 user-pre-set modes. With options to save move-times, generate shuffle-chess positions, and adjust the beeper pitch, you'll be able to customize your experience. These are the only chess clocks available with the capability of displaying 1/10th of a second, and are accurate down to 1/120th of the same, so you'll know precisely how much time you have left before you can stop sweating. Smaller size with blitz-only option is also available.


  • Available in Black and Original Beige.
  • Simply turn it on: Ready to go with 5:00 5:00.
  • One Control-Button (Simple!).
  • Easy to Start & Stop, unlike most other models.
  • Highly Precise: accurate to 1/120th of a second!
  • Only clock that has the capability of displaying 1/10th of a second.
  • Attractive one-inch (2.54 cm) display.
  • Pleasing Slanted Dial. Very easy to read!!
  • Sturdy Aluminum Case.
  • Thick, clear digits, easy to read even from a distance, and especially at an angle! Unparalleled clarity.
  • Unprecedented Five-year Warranty.
  • When one game is finished, to begin the next game, simply press the center button five times to restart at 5:00 5:00!
  • In club handicap sessions, you can set each side with different times.
  • Chronos can be set easily to time: Chess (tournament), Blitz Chess, Go, Shogi, Boggle┬«

Chronos Button Chess Clock LG

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