Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this magnificent murder-mystery set proves Geoffrey Parker is guilty of unparalleled splendor. Since Cluedo's inception in 1949, the game has never before been offered in an edition this opulent. Hand-bound Dauphin calfskin enhances the intricate, interlocking inlays, each meticulously cut and glued into the board. Tearing a page from the 1960s classic, each playing piece boasts the bust of iconic characters in sterling silver and enamel, so Miss Scarlet shines and Colonel Mustard is cold to the touch. No detail overlooked, the weapons are crafted from sterling silver, and the Billiard Room is detailed with real billiard cloth. Thick-stock Cluedo cards, playing pieces, calfskin "Murder" investigation envelope, a pair of hand-bound leather crush-poof dice cups, and two colball-cornered precision dice are all secreted inside the magnificent game board. Whether in the library with the candlestick or in the dining room with the wrench, the scallop-sided plinth and breathtaking refinery make this edition of Cluedo a collectible worth of invesigation.

Pictured sample features ebony plinth and magnolia tile.

Please note: At present Cluedo® is not available in the United States or Canada.


25" × 25" × 4"


Dauphin Calfskin


Price: $6,742.00

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