Loving the Details

Posted on Nov 20 2012 by pomomojo in Poker

Many people enjoy driving, but only a few appreciate the effects of fuel injection.  Many people will watch a football game, but only a few appreciate the contribution of the left tackle.  Likewise, many people enjoy playing games, but only a few care about the perfection of every detail of the gaming experience. In many ways this obsession with every last detail is the best definition of a hobby – what defines the collector of luxury games is not just a love of playing but an interest in everything that goes into the final feelings of pleasure and enjoyment.
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This is the End

Posted on Nov 19 2012 by pomomojo in Backgammon, Board Games, Chess, Dominoes

One thing I enjoy about playing a board game as opposed to a card game is watching the board change from the beginning of the game to the end.  In a game of Poker, the chips move from player to player but each hand basically resets the game.  Each hand of Bridge is similar other than the accumulated score.  In many board games, however, the difference between the opening position and the end game says a lot about the feeling of playing the game.
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Did I Fire Six Bullets or Only Five?

Posted on Nov 12 2012 by pomomojo in Backgammon, Board Games, Poker

We don’t often associate action movies with playing boardgames, but bluffing seems to be a common bond between them.  How many times has an action star had to bluff when he had no bullets left or guess whether his foe truly would push the self-destruct button?  Perhaps the consequences are not quite so high when playing a game with friends, but the rush when you pull off a bluff or call someone else on theirs is similar.
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Around the World in 800 years

Posted on Oct 12 2012 by pomomojo in Backgammon

I get excited any time a new game is published to rave reviews.  I look forward to the opportunity to try something new and hope it will offer me an experience I haven’t had before.  In modern board game internet forums this desire for the latest hit game is often derided as the “cult of the new.”  It is an insatiable desire to open up another box and make another purchase rather than mastering the games you already own and enjoy.  Although I do continue to indulge in this practice, there is something fascinating about those classic games that have been survived not just for a few years but for centuries.
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Joining the Conversation

Posted on Oct 10 2012 by pomomojo in Backgammon, Board Games, Bridge, Parlor Games

In a previous blog post I discussed some of the ways that board games and their terminology have become part of the general culture. However, I think there are more terms and concepts that we could borrow from our favorite leisure activities and apply to everyday life.
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My House, My Rules

Posted on Oct 4 2012 by pomomojo in Board Games, Chess

I buy a lot of board games because I like to always have the perfect game available for whatever group happens to be waiting to play. There are games I play alone, games I play with my wife, games I play with one group of friends, games I play with another group of friends, games I play with my family, games I play with my kids, and games I play with people who don’t normally play games. But not only that, I also use certain rules depending on the group. The goal is to make the gaming experience fun for everyone.
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Speaking of Games

Posted on Sep 30 2012 by pomomojo in Board Games, Chess, Poker

Not everyone is a gamer, yet almost everyone seems to have at least some fleeting relationship to games. In the same way that many non-sports fans might say something is “par for the course” or a “homerun” the language and significance of game terms has permeated our culture. Following are some of the most obvious examples.
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Let’s Get Physical, Part III

Posted on Sep 28 2012 by pomomojo in Accessories, Board Games, Poker

This is the final part of my discussion of my favorite physical board game components. These are the top three items that help to make physical board games a viable experience in the digital age.
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Let’s Get Physical, Part II

Posted on Sep 24 2012 by pomomojo in Board Games, Chess, Dominoes

Board games continue to thrive in an increasingly digital world, in part, because of the appeal of physical components. Just like in the movies when watching special effects, computers can be used to do amazing things, but there remains something comforting about real physical objects. With that being said, here are the next two items on my top ten game components list.
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Let’s Get Physical

Posted on Sep 23 2012 by pomomojo in Accessories, Backgammon, Board Games, Chess

As a board game enthusiast I was not surprised when I recently read about psychological experiments that showed that tactile sensations affect us. The weight, texture, and hardness of an object in our hands all have psychological effects on us. I say this does not surprise me as someone who plays board games because I’ve long been convinced that one of the pleasures of playing a physical board game was just getting to handle the pieces. I didn’t know that smooth objects seem “friendlier,” but I did know that a polished game piece was more fun to fiddle with than one cut from cheap wood. With this in mind, I’d like to run down some of my favorite gaming components and their contributions to my gaming enjoyment.
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