Established in 1948 in the industrial belly of Brooklyn, NY, Crisloid quickly built a reputation on unrivaled, American-made quality. Company founders and backgammon enthusiasts Alfonse and Lucky Lodato believed that quality materials and painstaking engineering were tantamount. Their execution of this philosophy swiftly propelled Crisloid to its position as the professionals\' most widely respected backgammon equipper today. From their expansive, quiet-cork playing surfaces to their hallmark hand-crafted and polished checkers, every detail is designed and built by Crisloid themselves, ensuring they provide peerless play for generations to come.

102% Lowest Price Guarantee on every game.

Free Upgrade To precision dice in all backgammon sets.

Free Shipping In the United States on order over $50.

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What makes a set good for tournament play?

Professional backgammon players appreciate the sound-dampening qualities of leather, the portability of an attaché set, and eye pleasing colors.

What makes a set good for casual play?

A casual set can say more about you through the choice of colors, style, and materials. Wood sets complement many rooms and larger sets provide added comfort.

"In the short run, there are no guarantees. You may become an excellent player and still lose a 100-point session to a clod, or get knocked out in the first round of six consecutive tournaments, or reach the final of the biggest tournament of your life and lose 0-25. Those are the breaks. If you can't handle that much uncertainty, tough. Go play chess."

Bill Robertie, winner of the Monte Carlo World Backgammon Championship