Scintillating double wedges draw the eye into a staring contest with the striking contrasting wood inlays that surround the interior points. Prized for their ingenious use of rare and exotic woods, this backgammon set by Greek company Neroulia transcends the competition, elevating a simple accessory to a thing of magnificence. The wood of the walnut tree has long been prized for its resilience and veneer, and ash timber is known for its elastic, bright qualities. Each sliver of wood has been meticulously cut to contrast the direction of grain and to highlight the subtle variations in color and tone. Set comes outfitted with simple, high-finish latches, and an tasteful, unobtrusive logo. Dice and stones are included. Respect for the forest is optional.


23.6" × 18.5" × 1.4"

Greek Walnut Backgammon Set with Double Inlays

Price: $595.00

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