The same brand carried by esteemed luxury retailers like Barneys, Asprey, and Bergdorf & Goodman, Gigliodoro crafts a set that will ensure your opponents see red. This richly hued backgammon set by the legendary leather masters from Florence features trip-lipped dice cups cloaked in supple calfskin and four traditional dice and doubling cube, all cloaked in crimson and cream tones. Red and white leather stones complete the game, carefully crafted to slide and play naturally across the hand-stitched calfskin arrows. The all-leather set secures within a red attache case, crowned with a durable leather handle and embellished with secure silver-nickel clasps. An elegantly understated ecru stitching adorns the board's exterior, adding aesthetic balance to the stitching that embellishes the interior. As with all Gigliodoro products, every detail's quality stands in stark relief to the competition. Because size matters, boards measure 20.5" X 13" X 3.75". All boast 1.5" checkers.


20.5" × 13" × 3.75"

Leather Backgammon Set in Red w/ Leather Pieces

Price: $1,750.00

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