Sleek nickel edging on the weighted leather checkers and the luxurious leather doubling cube make this backgammon set a contemporary classic. More than simple aesthetics, the metalwork makes for quicker play and adds the acoustic element of clicking checkers to every game. Handcrafted by the finest leather artisans in the world, these modern accessories are paired with an inlaid leather backgammon board and attaché.

Featured backgammon set has marine case with nickel fixtures, magnolia field with marine and ebony points, marine dice cups with color-coordinated bases, magnolia and ebony checkers edged in nickel, marine doubling cube edged in nickel, and sky blue precision dice. Competition-sized board measures 25.5”x32.8”x1.6” when open.


  • Handmade in England
  • Leather used is Geoffrey Parker’s luxurious Dauphin calfskin
  • Leather attaché case
  • Leather playing field with leather points
  • Leather and nickel doubling cube and checkers
  • Ball-cornered precision dice
  • Leather dice cups with trip lips and suede lining
  • Crawford-Jacoby leather disc, for signifying backgammon or chouette rules
  • Solid brass locks and fixtures with choice of tarnish-proof nickel or gilt plates
  • Choice of 11 colors of Dauphin leather
  • Choice of 6 board sizes
  • Handle optional

Contemporary Backgammon Set

Price: $4,930.00 to $5,082.00

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