Displaying the dual expertise of backgammon legend Paul Magriel and the peerless leather artisans of Geoffrey Parker, this backgammon board is designed for a true connoisseur. The hand-inlaid leather surface is seamless, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted play and maximum dice control. Luxury leather accessories — inlaid doubling cube and signature weighted checkers — and a leather-bound attaché complete the set.

Featured backgammon set has an ebony case with nickel fixtures, tangerine field with ebony and magnolia points, ebony cups with color-coordinated bases, tangerine and ebony checkers, tangerine doubling cube trimmed in ebony, and orange precision dice. Competition-sized board measures 25.5”x32.8”x1.6” when open.


  • Handmade in England
  • Leather used is Geoffrey Parker’s luxurious Dauphin calfskin
  • Leather attaché case
  • Leather playing field with leather points
  • Leather doubling cube and checkers
  • Ball-cornered precision dice
  • Leather dice cups with trip lips and suede lining
  • Crawford-Jacoby leather disc, for signifying backgammon or chouette rules
  • Solid brass locks and fixtures with choice of tarnish-proof nickel or gilt plates
  • Choice of 11 colors of Dauphin leather
  • Choice of 6 board sizes
  • Handle optional

Championship Backgammon Set

Price: $1,002.00 to $5,067.00

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