For Deuce's 3000-FM "Folding Magna" set, they've pulled out all the stops. Each 3000-FM boasts Deuce's classic custom-color pear-tree inlays, creamy calfskin-and-felt checkers in the colors you choose, and silver-plated brass checker stop pins, which align the competition. The 3000-FM varies from Deuce's 3600-M in size, this being a smaller game board and attaché style. It also differs from its bigger brother with the addition of a strong magnetic clasp and more traditional, though still magnetic, pipped dice. The dice are stored within inset cradles that flank the board. Choose between black-stain varnished, waxed pear tree, or ebony structure with pear tree & bone inlays. Board is 438 mm x 450 mm x 13.5 mm open, and 219 mm x 450 mm x 27 mm closed, the checkers measure 30 mm, while pleasure remains immeasurable.

Backgammon Set 3000-FM

Price: $12,790.00

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