Dal Negro presents this gorgeous luxury backgammon set in a color that begs for a toast. The set's suave attache-style carrying case, covered in a richly hued Bordeaux Eco-Leather, features quiet gilded hinges and clasps, along with a double-stitched inset detail. Clasps come with a key for your security. The ravishing wine-colored case opens to reveal an ecru leather field with marine and cherry points. Never forgetting a single detail, Dal Negro backgammon sets come with a slew of subtly detailed accessories. Backgammon set includes 44mm marine and cherry opalescent acrylic discs, two discreet plastic dice cups in blue and Bordeaux, two pairs of precision dice, a doubling cube, and two golden keys to securely lock your attache case for transport. Equipped with secure interior holding nooks for game pieces and a sturdy leather-bound handle. Choose Dal Negro, and see why their business is to take your game personally.


20.3" × 14.6" × 3.1"

Luxury Backgammon Set in Bordeaux Leatherette

Price: $425.00

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