Accessories: The Crown Jewels

No game is complete without the perfect accessories. Zontik’s selection of precision dice and leather dice cups are hand-crafted with the serious player in mind to ensure the integrity of every game. Dice and checkers are available in a wide color palette that transforms a typical game into a personal statement. Proclaim your love for your games with the world’s finest gaming accessories.

102% Lowest Price Guarantee on every game.

Free Upgrade To precision dice in all backgammon sets.

Free Shipping In the United States on order over $50.

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Why do I need precision dice?

Dice are the equalizers of gaming. The smallest imperfection can unfairly alter a game. Precision dice do not wear down over time, are perfectly weighted, and, thus, guarantee that every game you play is a fair test of skill.

Why accessorize?

High-quality components are easier to handle, more durable, and often quieter during play. And the wide selection of colors allows you to personalize your game.

“One who doesn’t throw the dice can never expect to score a six.”

Navjot Singh Sidhu